Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo Friday! Snow Day!

It's another snow day in my neck of the woods!

Hope your warm and safe at home (with power too!)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tell the Truth Thursday! Honesty!

We have heard it our whole lives...

Honesty is the best policy!

I don't always practice this everyday but I do my best...

I have posted about telling the truth and nothing but the truth before when I posted I hate liars! so you may already just how important being honest it to me.

What you may not know is that this is one of the corner stones to my relationship with my husband... I know that many people say they are honest with their husbands but lets really think about it... do you tell your husband everything? Do you tell him when he is at his worst? Do you let him in when your upset and cranky?

So my TRUTH this Thursday is that I tell my hubby the truth all the time! If I think it he hears it! If its good, bad, happy, or lets face it just plain ugly.... he hears it!

I know that its a hard life being married to me, I mean come on I am a handful, but I feel that its better to be honest and tell him what I feel and what I think so that he has an idea of what it is that is bothering me and why. lets face it he isn't a mind reader and he needs as much help as possible.

I do my best to be nice but sometimes the truth isn't nice, I don't say things to hurt him on purpose, I don't want to hurt him but sometimes we need to hear those things too...

Maybe I tell him the truth because I need to get it out, maybe I tell the truth because I feel he needs to hear it, and maybe just maybe I tell the truth because I know its better for our relationship to tell the truth than to allow the issues as small as they may be to grow and become resentment.


What is your TRUTH this Thursday? Tell me your TRUTH in the comments, are you honest with your hubby or are you a tight lipped wife?