Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Friday! Pumpkin Carving!

This Photo Friday is extraordinarily wordy! and may seem more like a how to post but really its a combination of the two! 

One of my favorite things about Halloween is Pumpkin carving! 
It's not something we did frequently when I was a kid but I love it! 
There is something just plain fun about gutting a gourd and slapping a picture on there that well lets face it really doesn't belong on there! 

We had a hard time finding a good pumpkin this year, it was slim pickings and not because we went looking too late.... (that was what happened to us last year...) this year all the pumpkins in our area are kinda... well they all sucked! We had a fairly chilly summer and so the pumpkin crop really suffered but we did find one that wasn't that bad... it is almost flat on one side, and is a little oddly shaped but it served our purpose...

WARNING: the photos in this post are a bit on the blurry side... I am not great at taking photos in the dark with my little point and click it seems...

So first I have to show you our last pumpkin first!
Last year we did Minnie Mouse! 
Here she is just completed
And here she is all lit up! 

This Year I got a bit more ambitious... 
Tangled's Rapunzel!

I couldn't find a stencil that I liked so I kinda made my own.... I printed this picture and traced over the picture to make it look how I wanted it with a sharpie
(its an early illustration of Rapunzel from Disney studios)

then I put it on our pumpkin with painters tape and used it as you would any stencil...
 (I used a push pin to outline the pattern and then I just started to cut right into her!)

The key to making a pumpkin stencil is that the lines can't be too close to one another or touch, you want to cut on those lines so try not to make them too thin or too thick... 

I'm pretty proud of my little Rapunzel pumpkin... (and as I'm sure you can tell already Delaney decides what goes on the pumpkin, next year I guess we will need two, a Delaney pumpkin and a Max pumpkin!)

I had to add this video I found on You tube to this post! 
This guy has the best Halloween light shows!
This one is done with the traditional Jack'o'lantern faces singing the song from 
The Nightmare Before Christmas! 
Happy Friday and Happy Pumpkin Carving!


  1. Great job on the pumpkins, especially the one you stenciled yourself. I'll have to try doing that sometime.

    I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you can check me out at

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! you did Repunzel!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

  3. The Rapunzel pumpkin turned out awesome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :)

  4. Loving your Disney pumpkins!!!
    Happy Halloween!


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