About Me

Hi I'm Emilee (The Momma)

I started this blog as a place to keep my recipes, crafts and fun things that I do with Delaney (My Darling Daughter) and Robyn (My Handsome Hubby).  I also needed a place to put myself out there... you know get these thoughts out of my head every now and again (I didn't realize how lonely Momma-hood can be). Since I started I have been inspired by other Mommas and bloggers and feel empowered just holding on to my little corner of the Blogging world. 

I hope that it will be a place that other Mommas can come and get some inspiration or a place that they can relate to at least (cause sometimes just knowing that someone else out there is living through the same toddler stage as you is better than having the advice or the skills to actually get through that stage).

I may babble and I may post a few too many pictures of Delaney (and eventually the new baby) I may also DIY a few things that are a little crazy and sometimes I get on a bit of a  roll and can't get out of it when it comes to crafts (you may see a few things made out of twine, or recycled cardboard, or a few too many knitting projects) but that is what makes me... well me. 

I love hearing from readers and I'd love to hear from you.