Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo Friday! Our New Family Addition!

Well here he is world!

Baby Max!
He was born at 8:29AM and he weighed in at 9lbs 15oz

Its hard to believe that just three years ago this was what I was doing...

And here I am doing it all over again!
I couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3D Chalk Fun!

A few weeks ago my Friends Mom asked me if Delaney had any 3D chalk? 
I had no idea what she was talking about... 
So she told me about the new chalk that is out there with 3D glasses, she had bought some for her niece and she loved it! I thought hey that's cool I will have to look for it, but the next day what should show up on my doorstep but some  3D chalk.... 

I was so grateful that 1) I didn't have to go looking for it (I likely would have forgotten anyway) and 2) that I have such wonderful people in my life who love Delaney (and us as well) that they enjoy leaving little surprises and gifts for her knowing they will put a smile on her darling face, and I think Delaney was jumping up and down inside that she had new chalk. Little did Delaney know that this is the coolest chalk ever!

So we headed outside to give it a try!
 The directions...(yes directions with chalk) say to use the colors in certain combinations to make your pictures jump out at you even more! So that one color will look like it is higher than the other and vice versa.
So naturally we copied the picture shown in said instructions using the colors the way they did.... 
you can't see it really well here but it works.... 
I love this and so did our little miss...
 She loved the glasses! She wanted to wear them even when we came inside!
She spent forever playing and trying out the chalk! 
It was super fun, we all had a blast and because it was a gift 
(and one that I would recommend for any child!) it was completely free! 
We had a great afternoon of frugal family fun!

If you haven't tried this chalk you should! If you have, don't you love it! So much fun and such a great way to spend an afternoon... plus you get to look super cool with the 3D glasses! hehe

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Combating Laziness

I am so lazy...
I feel like doing nothing... 
I am this Bruno Mars song.... 

(the video sucks but you get the point)
I feel like because I am restricted as to what I can do since the C-section that there is nothing I can do... I am of course taking care of my kids (which is still weird to say and think, I have 2 kids not just one... Yikes) and I am taking care of myself but other than that I am not really able to do anything.

I am trying very hard to restrict myself and follow doctors orders but when you are independent, used to doing it all yourself and then some its hard to hold back.
I am watching lots of shows on DVD, lots of movies, and relaxing lots but I am feeling restless. I wish I could do more and I want to do more! I can't wait to get outside and be able to take Delaney and Max to the playground, I can't wait to walk for more than 15 mins without a break, I can't wait to WORKOUT! I know that this is what I need a good workout to feel better about myself and get my frustrations out but I can't!!!

I am dying to bake as well and I will be this week! I am making Delaney's Birthday cake this week and I can't wait! It feels like a life time since I did anything really creative and productive! I hope that this will help!

What do you do to combat your laziness? Do you just do what you have to do anyway? Do you ride it out? Or do you have another plan of attack? I would love to hear what you do maybe you can inspire me to find a way out of my lazy funk... 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Safari Jeff and Shannon Show!

Do your kids love animals? 
Do your kids love reptiles? 
Do you love a free afternoon of family fun?

I know that we can answer YES to all of the above! 
So when I heard that Safari Jeff and Shannon were coming to our local mall to do a free reptile show with lots of animals and snakes and such I knew where we were spending an afternoon!

Safari Jeff and Shannon are kinda like Jack Hanna they educate kids on animals and reptiles and get them up close and personal to these creatures, so they can learn as much as possible! 

Delaney loves to look at animals in the pet store and thinks the snakes and spiders are super cool... (they aren't for Momma... but she loves them and as long as they are in cages at a store and not in my house, hey look away and thing they are cool!) So she was super excited to look and touch (until they were in front of her) the cool reptiles!

When it started She was so attentive! She listened very well!

This lucky kiddo got to be Shannon's helper for the whole show!

 Then they started to bring around the reptiles so the kids could touch... and my very excited daughter started to cry!

But by the end she was excited again! It's so great that kids forget so quick.... not sure how long I could have delt with her crying over the snake....

 She had so much fun!
It was great to go out and learn a few new things about reptiles and see some up close and personal and while she did have a few minutes of fear and shed a tear or two I think it was a success!

Another day of frugal family fun!
Have you taken your kids to a show like this? As creepy as I find the spiders and the snakes it wasn't that bad!
To find out more you can look up Safari Jeff and Shannon on FaceBook or at