Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is Hubby's 33rd Birthday!

I am so excited to have our little annual family celebration!

We always make a cake, blow up balloons, hang a banner and have a great little family party together! I am extra excited because this year I am giving Robyn a gift that I have wanted to give him for a while but in one way or another it wasn't possible or it was not available at the places I had looked...

This year we are giving him a "DAD" ring...

This may sound silly to some and many men who don't wear jewelry may turn their noses up but this is something that Delaney and I have searched for for quite some time...When we picked up this lovely little gift for him I suggested that we have a look around and see what one was best for her one and only Daddy!

When we went into the first store I did all the talking and I made sure that I was clear on what we were looking for, a "DAD" ring in white gold, stainless or titanium, and something in a size 10. After not finding what we were looking for in the first store we left letting the lady know that we may come back. In each store after Delaney walked up to the lady at the counter of the store and said "I am looking for a Dad ring for my Daddy's Birthday..." and then she took over...

In a way I am so glad that I waited to get this gift for him so that Delaney can have the memory of giving it to him, the memory of shopping for it and the feeling of being all grown up and getting her Daddy his Birthday gift!

I hope you have a lovely Birthday Robyn and that you enjoy the day as only you can!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tell the Truth Thursday! School!

Delaney's has finally had her first day of kinder-start! (that's like pre-school in our area...)

I am so excited for her to FINALLY go to school. I have had a few Momma friends ask why I'm so excited, aren't I a little sad, don't I wish she were still a baby? My answer... not really.

I am a little sad that she is growing up so fast and becoming so independent so quickly but isn't the point of having children to raise them and watch them grow into happy, successful, productive members of society? Isn't part of the joy of being a parent watching your child discover the things that make them happy or sad, the things that are their strengths and their weaknesses.

She started kinderstart back in January and she loves it!

She will be starting regular (french immersion) kindergarten in the fall but for the winter leading up to their first year of school they have one session a month where they go to school with some of the kids that will be in their class and get use to the school atmosphere. (Its only for one hour one day of each month so it is a bit of a pain in the behind for us parents!)

She has already made a few friends little S is in her dance class so she already knew her, it was so lovely for them both to have a familiar face on the first day, and little A is the cutest boy you ever saw (you know besides Max) he is super shy and sticks close to his Momma but I'm sure he will adjust fine in the fall.

Delaney has been so excited for school and she really shines when she is there, sure like all kids she has to be reminded that she has to sit on her bum and that she has to listen to madame, but hey she is only 4!!!

To tell the TRUTH I am not only OK with her going to school I couldn't be happier... I was a little worried about her... she has never gone with anyone other than family by herself, she doesn't go to daycare or a babysitter she is home with me all day and with the exception of her brother and the short period when I was sitting for her friend G she hasn't had much one on one time with other kids her age. But if the last two sessions of "school" are any indication of how she will do I think we are in the clear!

Whats your school truth? Does your local school have a program like this? Give me all the details in the comments!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Have you been here? Hello Cuteness!

I love blogs... Which is one of the reasons that I started my blog...


I love blogs and I love finding great ones, and this one is a GREAT ONE!

At one time this blog was found at Anything but perfect... but recently its been re-branded and they have moved here to Hello Cuteness!


Its amazing the little printables available there...

Including the calendars that I use...

She has created so many cute printable calenders and charaters that it is down right hard not to love them!

Stop by and have a look at!

And yeah they are full of Cuteness!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Party Time! Library Baby Shower!

Earlier this year (yes I am aware that it is only March but this party took place in January so give me a break!) I helped plan a party to celebrate that Best Friend is expecting her first baby!

As a little background on Best Friend and her Hubby I should tell you that they are both post secondary teachers, they are both supper geeky and supper fun! But most of all they love love love books! I mean LOVE books, Best Friend got encyclopedias for Christmas last year and she was so excited, I mean thrilled... that's how much they love books!

So when planning a shower for their little bundle that is soon to arrive what else could I do other than a library theme!

Best Friends mom provided a lot of the decor as she had picked up most of it at a big party store in Florida during her last trip down south! (It is my dream after seeing what was brought back and hearing about this store to go there and shop for every party I will ever plan!)

So here you have it the Library Baby Shower!

 These super simple centerpieces are simply my kids books straight from their bookshelves at home, I stacked them and used a bull dog clip to put the quote on top written on a library card!

I added the expectant parents as the authors on the library cards and made the due date the babies due date of course and then I used them for everything from the centerpiece toppers to the game cards. (we played Baby item Price is right! Daddy Knows best and the more traditional games like guess the baby's birth time and weight)

 I knew exactly what kind of cake I wanted to use for this shower and after trying to make it perfect and with only fondant I resigned to the fact that well... it wasn't going to happen, but I still got the look I was going for. (hardest part of this cake was trying to make sure that one breast wasn't too much bigger than the other... it was a riot!)

Best Friend and her fabulous Momma did up the favors and the poem from one that I had posted on my Pinterest party idea board and it came out so cute! I love the tiny Chinese food boxes and I think that the poem on the scroll really worked with the theme.

We also had the guest fill out wishes for baby cards (see link below) which I think was the sweetest part there are so many nice comments on them for both Best Friend and Baby J to read and re-read over the years!

To top this off I had written a poem for the invites which let the invited guests know that rather than bring a card we wanted to build a library for the baby and to bring a book! (so not my original idea but it worked for us!) I just have to share... (please if you like it use it but be sure to credit me or at least don't say that you came up with it in your brilliant little head... thanks!) We did most of our inviting on Facebook, which I know to some is considered tacky but hey it worked for us, so I don't have any photos of the invites to share.

Our favorite stories stay with us as we grow,
Both ____ and ______ love to read as we know!
So when planning a shower to greet Baby _____
There was no better theme for us to go with!

Lets build a library fit for this girl,
bring a book in place of a card, lets give it a whirl!
Write your message just inside of the cover
for Baby _____ to read and discover.

In just a short time she will learn how to read!
What a smart little girl and you helped plant the seed!
Join us for a game or two or three
and if a treat you'd like to bring please do check with me...

Were inviting you to share in the baby shower joy
Help us shower this baby and remember its NOT A BOY!
Meet us at the Hotel from 1 until 3
The beautiful Momma to be you will see!

Need help with a gift well that is just a snap!
If you prefer give your computer keys just a tap...
Online number: (fill in info here!)

Or if you are one to shop till you drop
At Toys-R-Us is where you should stop!
(fill in info here!)

We hope you will join us at this her first party
We will have lots to do so please don't be tardy!

Find the items that I used through the links below!
Library Cards
Wishes for Baby

If you would like the printable for the games that I used please email me or leave a comment and I will gladly email you the word document to personalize and print for your showers!

Our little shower went over very well everyone had a great time, complimented the theme and asked where did you get the library cards!

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your parties in the future!