Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's My Birthday!

Wow another year gone! But what a great year it was! 
In the last year of my life I have been blessed with so much! 

I got married to an amazing man, who makes me laugh, keeps me happy and is an amazing father to our kids!

I got to celebrate another wonder Christmas with my beautiful family!

We found out that we were having another baby, and a boy at that!

We celebrated so many holidays and special events with our family and friends, including weddings, Birthdays, graduations, bachelorette parties, Halloween, Easter and so much more!

Max made his arrival!

We celebrated Delaney's 3rd Birthday!

And I even started a blog... 
I've been able to push myself and work on things that make me happy through this blog and it has been such a great experience! Thank you for reading what I have to write, looking at the projects that I make and for liking my blog enough to follow along with my latest adventures!

What a great year I've had!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Initial for Max!

I love initial's I think they are such a great way to decorate they are super trendy but they are also a little personal as well. I also love that there are so many things you can do with them, dress them up for a living room, go natural for a mud room or a porch, or make them fun and whimsical for a child's room. There are so many things that you can make them into as well, book ends, hair clip holders, hat hooks, and so much more!

 So with this passion for initials I wanted to make something for Max with his initial on it, and I had made one similar for Delaney a few years ago to hold her hair bows (you know the ones with the ribbon hanging down from the bottom of the letter) so I thought I'd come up with an idea for our boy as well. 

I just painted the letter M red and then I sewed a few pockets and hems in the Cars fabric. 
(which is showing up yet again) Then I just hot glued the fabric to the letter and hung it on the wall! 

I got the fabric on clearance and I got the initial at Walmart for $1 making this project super easy and super affordable. I love it for his side of the room because it's masculine and cute, I think it could make a great gift too!

Do you have a passion for initials? What have you done with them lately?? I'd love to hear all about them! or better yet see them! Leave a link in the comments I'd love to see what other creative things can be done!

My new favorite show!

I am in LOVE with 30 Rock!

I had never seen an episode before but since I can't do much wile recovering from the C-section and I have already re-watched my Gilmore Girls DVDs (which I do at least once a year, or more if something in real life reminds me of an episode then I go back and watch that episode over again... yes I have a problem I know it) my sister loaned me her 30 Rock DVDs and  I have been watching them religiously! I love Liz Lemon, and her love of food and Star Wars! I love Kenneth and how painfully gullible and naive he is! and I love Tracy Jordan everything that comes out of is mouth makes me laugh! 

The writing is amazing and completely funny, the actors and guest are beyond hilarious I honestly don't know how they can make this show without laughing all the time!

And sadly I am just now getting the multiple references to this show that my friends and the public at large have been making for the last few years... I feel so far behind in the times! 

Do you watch 30 Rock? If you don't give it a try... its hilarious!