Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tell The Truth Thursday! Unwanted advice and comments

I like these shirts for kids that say things like "My mom didn't ask for your advice"

I'm not sure that I would ever put a shirt like this on my child but I sure do like them and I agree with them actually.

There is nothing worse to me than a know-it-all in the first place, but when it comes to parenting COME ON! Live and let live is my personal opinion... yes I do like everyone else, judge others in my head and think wow that's not how I would deal with that or that's not how I would correct that behavior but I would never walk up to a person and tell them the way they are dealing with their child is wrong or even tell them this is how I would do it. But there are so many out there who do... I couldn't believe when I got pregnant with Delaney that from minute one strangers thought that having a baby belly was an open invitation for them to tell me how to raise the baby once she was born. Not only did I get advice about newborns but also about Dr's and about labor and delivery,  and about diapers and everything else that you could imagine... 

I actually got cornered while at a wedding by a co-workers aunt who gave me the rundown according to her on everything from birth to sending my baby off to college. Luckily I got away from her when she was distracted by another attendee at the wedding, she had asked for my email and phone number and wanted to swap hers as well in case I had any questions for her after the baby was born.
Then just a few weeks ago I was at a coffee shop in the local mall. I was with Delaney, and she was acting up a little. So I did what I would do anytime or anyplace, I told her that little girls who don't listen and don't behave don't get treats. An older lady turned around and looked at me, then at Delaney and said "you tell mommy that your always a good girl..." Delaney looked at her like she was crazy and then back at me as if to say "what is this lady doing talking to me..." The older lady then looks at me and says "You shouldn't deprive her of sweets, and tell her she's a bad girl. She will only act up more to get attention" meanwhile my child is now standing in line waiting quietly and behaving as she should knowing that she will get her treat if she does.

I understand that everyone does things differently, I understand that there are lots of parents out there who have been doing this a whole lot longer than I have, I also understand that some people look at me and think that I am a whole lot younger than I am and that I am likely in over my head, however I still think that it is each and every parents choice and right to raise their children as they see fit. (As long of course as they are not physically or mentally abusing them) 

If you find these shirts entertaining or rude, over the top or right on point you have to admit that they are at least a little true.... Who really wants a stranger to come up to them just to have them start lecturing and giving advice on how to raise your family!

Have you been offered unwanted advice? Do you like these t shirts? Would you ever put a shirt like this on your child? Let me know in the comments what do you think!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kid Craft! Getting Ready for Baby!

Delaney clearly knows that something is happening! 
She knows that Baby Max is going to be born soon but I think with the flurry of activity around our house in the last few weeks she is realizing what a big deal this is going to be.... 
She has also realized that we haven't been crafting as much together... she has been asking me to color with her more and to paint more than ever, but since I have been resting up (as per Dr orders) we haven't been able to do much. 

So since she has been asking to craft, and has been realizing that Baby Max will be here very soon I decided to let her make a "craft" for Max!

In one of the boxes of wipes I got at the Baby Shower, was a plain white wipes case.

And since my dear Delaney loves Cars and I have made a few things out of the Cars fabric I gave her some Cars stickers and let her go to town! 

Not a difficult craft at all but it was clean, and it was quick but she felt that she had made something nice for her brother to-be!

She was one proud Big Sis!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Momma is crafty too!

My Mom, and my Sister for that matter, are very crafty ladies, plus my Mom's Mom was a crafty woman too! So I am technically I am a 3rd generation crafty Momma!

My Mom has made some great things and she makes a lot of our Christmas gifts too I guess that's why I enjoy making and giving handmade items, as well as receiving them! I know how hard she works on them and I know that she puts a little extra love in our gifts!
These are a few of the things she made for us last year!

 She made this great dolly diaper bag for Delaney last year! 
(Delaney uses it to carry her babies around the house... not the dolls accessories or bottles or such the actual dolls... its too funny!)

She also made "Mommy and Delaney" aprons last year and put our names on them with iron on transfers!

She also makes really rad quilts! She has a great eye for colors and fabrics... 
I am so far the only one in our family not to receive a quilt... 
hint hint HINT!!!!!

So being a crafty, quilting Momma I asked her a while ago if she could make a seat cover for our car seat, it only has one year left before it expires but I wanted to update it and make it a little nicer looking. It was a blue jean kind of color but also had a kind of pink patchwork part on the original. So I brought her some great material and asked her to make a new seat cover.....

I was shocked when she sent me these pictures when she finished it the other night!
Have a look at her handy work!

Pretty cool hey! (that cars fabric is everywhere lately isn't it... lol)

She just sewed the new fabric directly to the old cover, as I said it will be expired in a year so we wont be using it for any other babies (if we have them that is...). I love it I think it turned out great looks super masculine and Delaney loves Cars so I think it will be a hit with her too!
Thanks for all your hard work Momma!

Have you updated an old baby item to reuse with a new baby or given a baby item a little facelift to make it more gender appropriate? I'd love to hear about or see your baby projects! You never know you might just get a little feature here...