Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Friday! Grow Old Along With Me....

This sundial is part of a small monument in The Botanical Gardens here in St. John's, it says that it was donated  in memory of a young lady by her friends at the University. 

I love this monument I think the sentiment is so beautiful, and the crafts work on it is amazing as well, the patina on it from its age is just beautiful.
When I saw it I had to take a photo! 
I just couldn't walk past it without capturing it.... Do you ever get that feeling when you see something? That feeling that you need to get a photo of this, a memory of this item as random as it might be....

Happy Friday! I hope you see something that give you that feeling, and I hope you snap a great photo of it...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday! Ive Been Cheating....

I'm such a fan of home baked goodies...
I love fresh baked cookies... but lately I have been cheating....
I bought a tub of factory made cookie dough as part of a fundraiser that my mom's friend was running for her new Christmas charity (more on that next week) and because its easy and quick and they taste good Ive been relying on that for fresh homemade cookies.... Plus how does one go wrong with cookie dough for $10 that makes like 8-10 dozen cookies!
I haven't mixed a cookie dough in about a month and it feels great...
And now that I am supposed to be "resting" until the baby comes it's been even easier to bake fresh cookies warm and gooey from the oven while still being good and resting like I'm supposed to.

Delaney hasn't noticed and she loves them!
I ordered 2 more tubs....
Looks like I will be cheating for a while!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homemdae Peepee Teepees!

When I heard from the ultrasound tech a few months ago that we were expecting a baby boy one thing popped into my head... "Oh Gosh he's gonna pee over everything... " and then I heard about Peepee Teepees! 
I have wanted to make them for a while and I finally got around to making them as I have a bit more time on my hands now that I am "taking it easy" and "resting" until baby Max gets here...
I did get one set at my baby shower from a friend who agrees that getting peed on every other diaper change doesn't sound fun to say the least... 
But I thought that I would make a few myself as well just in case...

So I found a tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets! 

And here is how I made them! 
 Cut two half moon shapes
 pin them, right sides together
 sew from half way across the straight edge and around the 1/2 circle, then turn it right sides out
 fold in half with the fabric you want out on the finished project facing its self
 then sew along the top
 and flip right side out.

I sewed mine by hand because I am supposed to be resting, and since I am sitting on my butt I figured this would keep my hands busy. My stitches aren't perfect but they are just for me if I was to make them to giveaway I would sew them on the machine... 

I used scraps of camouflage material and some more of that Cars material as well! I think that they came out pretty good!
I would make them again! I think they would be a great gift for showers or right after baby is born!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taggie Blankies... Another Christmas Gift!

Have you seen those taggie blankies all over the place? 

I am in love with them! and I love that they are handmade, but as a crafty mom (on a very strict budget) I was unable to justify the 20-30 dollars (or more) they cost... 

So I made my own!
I made two one for Baby Max, and one for a friend who is having a baby a few months from now... Her's will be a shower gift most likely, but Max's will be for his first Christmas! 

 I did Winnie the Pooh and yellow for this one as my friend hasn't found out what she is having yet...

They were super simple to make I just sewed two squares of fabric together (outsides facing each other) with the ribbon tags on the inside, then flipped them right sides out and sewed around them again... easy peasy!

Baby Max's Blue and Cars!

What do ya think?
I love this Cars material and I have a couple other things in mind for whats left over as well...(but more on that later...)

Have you made any Christmas gifts yet? Whats on your to-do list for the holidays??

Monday, July 11, 2011

Make it Monday! Apples Malloy!

As you know if you have been reading for a while my best friend is getting married this month, and a few weekends ago we through her a Bachelorette Party, and in preparation for the party I scoured the internet for recipes that I could make!

And where else would you go really but to the link parties and blog hops as they really are the best places to find tried and true recipes that people love and use over and over!
So as a result of that search I found this on one of the link parties!

(This is Vivienne's)

It's from The V Spot!
The recipe is simple and ingredients are few!

You need:
Apples (granny smith)
Caramel Sauce
Mini Chocolate Chips
Cream Cheese
Heath Bars (or in Canada Skor Bars)

Spread your cream cheese on your platter, drizzle with caramel sauce, sprinkle with mini chocolate chips and chopped Skor or Heath bar, add apples to the outside rim (be pretty about it) and serve!

(This one is mine)

This went over so well that us Bridesmaids were eating it before the party even started! (good thing I made two)
Give it a try... I promise you will like it! but if your making for a party you might want to make two as well!