Friday, February 25, 2011

Tell the truth Thursday on Photo Friday.....

I was MIA yesterday... well not really I knew where I was. I was running errands, visiting with Robyn's family and with my mom and out for coffee with my girlfriends! I was BUSY!

My confession this week is a common one at least in this area, after having 7 feet of snow since January I am tired of winter! I want summer or at least spring NOW!
Now this for most people isn't really a confession, however I am the girl who tells people to stop complaining about winter, especially because "we live in Newfoundland... It snows here... and if you don't like snow, MOVE" yup direct quote from me, I'm that girl. I'm the girl who loves winter, I love snow and the chilly weather, but its been a very snowy month and a half. It's hard to stay positive when it has snowed everyday and it's too cold to go outside with a 2 year old. 

So today I confess I miss the warmth of the sun, I miss being able to go outside, I miss seeing the grass or even the driveway... so my photo for today's Photo Friday is one of my favorites from last summer... 

This was taken in South Port, NL. It was July, It was hot and it was sunny and we had so much fun playing on the beach and going for walks!
Happy Friday!

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