Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cutting down on my to-do list!

I know I've mentioned before that I am working on my Christmas to-do list... many people think I'm crazy even thinking of Christmas, as it is March but to tell the truth I have been planning for Christmas since January. I don't think I'm crazy I think I'm realistic. I know that I want to make the majority of my gifts this year and I know the Baby is due in August, so that means that I will have a 3 month old infant come Christmas... So I say lets do what we can today and limit the time I will need to spend making gifts leading up to Christmas so that I can avoid the "crafters stress" I usually feel in the weeks before Christmas. With that in mind I already have a list of recipes, craft ideas and plans ready to get working on, not to mention the excel worksheet I have ready with the list of people I need to craft for and what I am making for those people! I know I sound so organized, but if you saw my craft stuff you'd disagree.

I posted last week here that on the top of my to-do list was the Mermaid Dolly tutorial found here at If life was like a cupcake. I went ahead and made two of my own! 
I made mine with fabric I had left over from other projects as well as a pair of  blue leopard pajama pants that Ive had forever, to me they looked a little like a mermaids fish scales, I also sewed the face on with tread making the eyes with blue and the smile with red mainly because I don't typically have fabric paint on hand and because when I craft I am over eager and want o see it finished ASAP, and the fastest way was to sew it on.
I am super impressed with them, they are a bit longer and quite a bit skinnier than the ones that Amanda made but I am so happy with them. So happy in fact that I had to take the pictures and then hide them away as they are a gifts for Christmas. Delaney will get one for sure but the other one may not find a home here with us, if the baby is a boy I will likely give it to Delaney's little friend. 

It's been a while since I used my sewing machine, mainly because we got in a fight.... well I yelled and cursed on it repeatedly before last Christmas, so when I took it out to work on the Mermaids I was hopping and praying that it wasn't still made at me. You will be happy to hear that we have made up! And now it's getting more and more use as the days pass! I am taking a major cutting on my gift list this week I have so many plans for gifts. I picked up some very nice Christmas fabric the last time I went to the thrift store, there were two pieces there one a blue with Christmas penguins and one white with Christmas toys and nutcrackers and such. I got each piece for .49 cents! Yup 49 CENTS! I knew I wanted to make something for the baby  for Christmas and over the weekend I got the best idea! I made a template, cut it out and sewed it up! I am so impressed with them!

They are both reversible and have both fabrics on them. I made two because Delaney's little friend is going to be a big sister before Christmas too and I wanted to make something for her baby too..

Have you started work on your Christmas list yet? Or do you have any ideas as to what you will be making? If you do leave a comment you never know who might get a little inspiration from your project!


  1. So stinking cute I LOVE how you made the longer in size and sewed on their little faces...I'll be featuring when i post next which we most likely be tonight if that is okay? thank you thank you thank you for letting me see your adorable little mermaids you made...and i'm happy it helped you check something off your christmas list :)


  2. oh man i need to revise when i type haha sorry about all the wrong/misspelled words :)

  3. haha no worries about misspelled words... I do it all the time! lol And yes you can post my mermaids anytime at all! Glad you like them!


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