Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Happy Late Easter!

Today I wanted to share a fun crafty post. 
I wanted to post a knitting project... But it isn't finished, with Easter and all of its activities I got slightly delayed with the craft projects. 

So I thought I would share our Easter with you because it was as is every holiday in our family VERY busy and very fun filled! (Be fair warned that this is a post filled with Pictures of Delaney, and its blocked full of every move we made for two days Easter fun)

We started off with an Easter Party at my Dad's work. She had such a good time! They did an egg hunt, Dyed eggs and even had a Mickey Mouse Movie (needless to say she did a whole lot of watching Mickey Mouse and not a whole lot else... ) She had a great time during the egg hunt part but not so much with the Easter Bunny himself. 
At one point the "man in charge" said "Ok lets all get our photos with the Easter Bunny before he leaves!" and Delaney screamed out "NOOOOOOO I don't want my picture with the Bunny!"

But other wise she had fun!

She enjoyed some lovely snacks!

And She looked adorable!

Saturday afternoon we spent with Auntie and we had a great time... 
(more on that later in the week!)

Then on Saturday night she decided that she needed to leave the Easter Bunny a snack however she thought that he would like "Just cold water" to drink and a rice crispy square for his snack! 

Then on Sunday she received this note with her Easter Basket!

It reads 
"Dear Delaney, Thank you for my snack! I hope you enjoy your Egg Hunt and have a wonderful Easter! Love the Easter Bunny!"
She was so excited!

Then commenced the Egg Hunt!

She found all 37 eggs and had a great time! Daddy may have told her where to look helped her find some of them... and then it was breakfast with Papa (Robyn's dad) and the off to Nanny and Poppy's house (my Mom and Step-dad) with Auntie for Easter lunch! 

She loves to wear a pretty dress...

We had a lovely day and when we got home we put on our bunny ears had some chocolate eggs and watched movies! 
All in all a day to remember!

How was your Easter? Did you get to spend it eating Easter eggs and wearing bunny ears? What ever you did I hope you had an amazing day with your family!

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