Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cool Kitchen Art!

A few years back when Robyn and I were living in our first apartment together I found it hard to find something nice to hang in the Kitchen that went with everything and that was super cheap.... 

So I made these great shadow boxes for our Kitchen....

And they have moved to every place we lived and have looked great in every place!

Since I clearly wasn't blogging then I figured I'd give you the run down in 4 easy steps (without pictures) as to how I made them.

First I bought three wooden shadow boxes at the dollar store. 
Second I painted them white 
(but you can really paint them any color that suits your kitchen.)
Third I picked up a few cheap metal kitchen utensils and hot glued them into the shadow boxes 
And fourth I placed the glass back in! 

Super cheap at about 2 bucks each, one for the box and one for the utensil and super easy, just paint and glue! 

The best part is you can choose what ever utensils you like and personalize it to your Kitchen, as long as they fit in the shadow box! (I love the idea of doing all baking things for bakers or cooking tools for a chef or cook!)
Here again are mine close up!

 The whisks
The peeler 
And the measuring spoons
(sorry about the glare even in daylight I couldn't get a good picture!)

Have you made anything great for your kitchen? It's so hard to find kitchen projects that can spruce up your kitchen in a rental...


  1. oh my gosh, what a great idea! these are super cute and i love the simplicity of them!

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  4. I love these! How clever!

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