Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homemdae Peepee Teepees!

When I heard from the ultrasound tech a few months ago that we were expecting a baby boy one thing popped into my head... "Oh Gosh he's gonna pee over everything... " and then I heard about Peepee Teepees! 
I have wanted to make them for a while and I finally got around to making them as I have a bit more time on my hands now that I am "taking it easy" and "resting" until baby Max gets here...
I did get one set at my baby shower from a friend who agrees that getting peed on every other diaper change doesn't sound fun to say the least... 
But I thought that I would make a few myself as well just in case...

So I found a tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets! 

And here is how I made them! 
 Cut two half moon shapes
 pin them, right sides together
 sew from half way across the straight edge and around the 1/2 circle, then turn it right sides out
 fold in half with the fabric you want out on the finished project facing its self
 then sew along the top
 and flip right side out.

I sewed mine by hand because I am supposed to be resting, and since I am sitting on my butt I figured this would keep my hands busy. My stitches aren't perfect but they are just for me if I was to make them to giveaway I would sew them on the machine... 

I used scraps of camouflage material and some more of that Cars material as well! I think that they came out pretty good!
I would make them again! I think they would be a great gift for showers or right after baby is born!

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  1. OKAY . . . so my 'baby boy' is getting married in a few weeks and yes, I do remember the occasional 'shower' . . . but this is hysterical! What will people think of next!? My niece just had her first baby . . . a boy . . . maybe I need to stitch these up for her! Thanks for a fun post and best wishes for a safe and easy delivery!


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