Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3D Chalk Fun!

A few weeks ago my Friends Mom asked me if Delaney had any 3D chalk? 
I had no idea what she was talking about... 
So she told me about the new chalk that is out there with 3D glasses, she had bought some for her niece and she loved it! I thought hey that's cool I will have to look for it, but the next day what should show up on my doorstep but some  3D chalk.... 

I was so grateful that 1) I didn't have to go looking for it (I likely would have forgotten anyway) and 2) that I have such wonderful people in my life who love Delaney (and us as well) that they enjoy leaving little surprises and gifts for her knowing they will put a smile on her darling face, and I think Delaney was jumping up and down inside that she had new chalk. Little did Delaney know that this is the coolest chalk ever!

So we headed outside to give it a try!
 The directions...(yes directions with chalk) say to use the colors in certain combinations to make your pictures jump out at you even more! So that one color will look like it is higher than the other and vice versa.
So naturally we copied the picture shown in said instructions using the colors the way they did.... 
you can't see it really well here but it works.... 
I love this and so did our little miss...
 She loved the glasses! She wanted to wear them even when we came inside!
She spent forever playing and trying out the chalk! 
It was super fun, we all had a blast and because it was a gift 
(and one that I would recommend for any child!) it was completely free! 
We had a great afternoon of frugal family fun!

If you haven't tried this chalk you should! If you have, don't you love it! So much fun and such a great way to spend an afternoon... plus you get to look super cool with the 3D glasses! hehe

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