Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My new favorite show!

I am in LOVE with 30 Rock!

I had never seen an episode before but since I can't do much wile recovering from the C-section and I have already re-watched my Gilmore Girls DVDs (which I do at least once a year, or more if something in real life reminds me of an episode then I go back and watch that episode over again... yes I have a problem I know it) my sister loaned me her 30 Rock DVDs and  I have been watching them religiously! I love Liz Lemon, and her love of food and Star Wars! I love Kenneth and how painfully gullible and naive he is! and I love Tracy Jordan everything that comes out of is mouth makes me laugh! 

The writing is amazing and completely funny, the actors and guest are beyond hilarious I honestly don't know how they can make this show without laughing all the time!

And sadly I am just now getting the multiple references to this show that my friends and the public at large have been making for the last few years... I feel so far behind in the times! 

Do you watch 30 Rock? If you don't give it a try... its hilarious!

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