Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday! Vacines!

Vaccines….. it seems that this is a never ending discussion and source of judgment among parents.
How do you feel about getting your little ones vaccinated? Better yet why is this even a topic of conversation among parents?
One of the reasons that I was away for part of the week last week is because Max had his first vaccinations. I have always had my kid(s) vaccinated and I will continue to as long as they are recommended. I do hear and understand that they are somewhat controversial but personally I would rather my kids have them now than get an illness that I know can be prevented with a vaccine later in life.
Maybe its because I worry that my kids may someday have to deal with Chrons disease like Robyn has, and that is enough for a young person to deal with, maybe its because I want to hold them and protect them the best possible way I know how for as long as possible, and according to medical science this is it, but maybe just maybe its because I know that a moment of pain when the nurse jabs their leg is much better than a week of the chicken pox, or a lifetime of paralysis and pain from polio, or worse…
Its hard to know if you are doing the right thing or not as a Momma. Its hard to make a snap decision as a parent, weather its as simple as “yes you can have this cookie” or as major as “no I don’t want my child to be vaccinated” either way its each and every Momma and Daddy’s decision.
And since we all think that we are doing the best by our family and by our kids why is it we get chastised when we do make our own decisions. If you think your right and I think that I am why do you feel that its ok to bully me or make me feel small because I wish to do something different with my family.
Personally I think that as Mommas and Daddies we need to support each other, be strong for each other and help each other to do the best jobs we know how, not make a ruling that says I think you are doing it wrong and I say you should do it this way…

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  1. I personally think they get them a little too young. I don't think they need to wait until they are 5 years old, but more than a few weeks. It may also depend on their health status at the time. If they've been sick recently, I think they need to wait. Our oldest had been sick from 3 weeks to 7 weeks old and had surgery at 7 weeks to fix the problem once they finally found it. I took her to get her shots at 8 weeks and had she not already been on an apnea monitor, we likely would have lost her. They had we lost her, it would have been considered SIDS. I read a few articles after than connecting vaccines to SIDS when their bodies weren't strong enough. I've not read any articles since and she is now 24. I think vaccines are great...all 3 of mine had theirs on time, I just think they need to consider the child's current and recent health first. My kids are 24, 22, and 19, so I'm sure they do things differently now.


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