Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday! We're Moving!

Yep you read that right were moving! 
If you follow on twitter your likely thinking this is old news... we know that already but hey not everyone follows on twitter yet... 
What you don't know is that we are moving in with my sister...

Yep, my sister!

And when I have told the peoople that I see on a regular basis that we are moving in with her I have gotten every possible reation.. from "Wow thats so great!" to "Are you sure that you wanna do that?" to "Are times really that rough??"

And I'm sure that some of you would react the same way... right!

Well No times are not that rough, my sister has a big old house and it's just her and her cat living there, plus my sister is one of my best friends, she loves my kiddos as much as I do and we have lived together before... after childhood that is. And Yes kinda times are that rough not specifially for us but the rental market is CRAZY right now and lets all face it we aren't in the place to buy a house right now. 

Yes I am very sure that I want to do this and so is Robyn. sure it wont be easy and sure there are going to be times that we don't all get along but we need the space she wnats us to live here and were family at the end of the day we have to work it out and get along!
After all in the end your family will be all you have!

And yes this is so great it's awesome! I'm super excited to live DOWNTOWN again! Did I mention that my sister lives two streets away from the downtown and while that may not sound all that great it's just where I want to be! There are so many perks to living there that I wont go into a list right now but it is going to be an amazing time for us!

So this is why I have been away from the blog and not really crafting much, I have been packing and throwing away and donating.... more on that soon!

But in the evenings I have been working on a few new things and I am planning on posting about them next week! 

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