Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years Resolutions...

I'm a bit late I know... 

I'm sure that everyone has already been screaming from the roof tops what they have resolved for the New Year... I know that I should have been here on January 1 telling you all about them but hey I am not exactly known for being punctual.... 
(I blame it on Hubs a lot and even my kids, cause you know that with two kiddos you aren't getting out of the house on time every time... horrible I know, but its true) 

So here goes.... 

My resolutions for 2012!

Get more organized to make life more efficient and easier to handle!

Get back on track with the BLOG! Use the schedule I implemented at the beginning to start posting regularly again.
Start socializing the kids! bring them to playgroups or other activities.

Start taking care of me! Working out on a regular basis and start looking out for me so that I can be a better me, and a better Momma!

Plan and keep dates with Hubby! We have had so little time for each other with the kids, the move and Christmas and its time to start taking care of us too!
I know that I need a plan to execute my resolutions so its in the works with the help of the internet and all the great ideas and printable organizers out there. I am hoping to share them all here in the next week so that once its written down it will be easier to follow through with. And you never know you may even find them helpful too.

Do you have great plans for this year? Have any ideas that can help me out? Share in the comments you never know you just might help me out!
Happy Monday! 

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