Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tell the Truth Thursday! I hate Liars!

Liars.... They burn my biscuits, they rot my socks, they just plain old make me MAD!

It's not much of a confession I know... but I do!

I am a fairly honest person I like to think, I don't even really like to tell white lies... Maybe its because I try to be honest, maybe its because I like to tell the people I care about what I really think, maybe just maybe its because I would rather that people not look me straight in the face and tell me what they think I want to hear rather than what they need to say.

Why can't we tell the truth?

Come on were adults lets just be honest with each other.

If I have bad breath and you don't want to spend time with me because of it tell me or offer me some gum and say you really need this... (I don't have bad breath... I think...) If you don't like my husband and don't want to spend time with us as a couple tell me rather than break plans at the last minute or wait to invite me until you know we already have other plans. If you feel like my kid is too rough then tell me that so I can help her realize that what she is doing might be too much for her friend do not tell me you cant make it to a play date or just not show up at all. Worst of all to me is the people who constantly say sorry but I can't afford to do that and then go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on something that is frivolous and unneeded... why play poor when you can say hey I don't want to do this or i don't want to spend my money on that... I will understand.

I know that these are just little white lies and they make most people feel better, both the lier and the lied to... but keep in mind that smart people usually find out that your lie no matter how little or how white was a lie.

How do you feel about lies? Are you a regular liar, or do you try to tell the truth? let me know in the comments!

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  1. You know, I used to think it was easier and less nasty to tell a little fib here and there to spare people's feelings, but I am not doing it anymore. I am truly making a conscious decision to tell people (nicely, as gently as possible if it's unpleasant) how I feel about things. My neighbour keeps trying to get me to do things with her and I had to say, sorry, but I really hate shopping. She was great with that and we had lunch at my place instead and both of us (I think) had a great visit. I'm with you, Emilee. It just makes more sense in the long run.


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