Friday, May 11, 2012

Tell the Truth Thursday on a Photo Friday... oops

So I am behind again but it was for good reason my most recent confession is time sensitive...

I had to wait for a certain someone to receive a certain something in the mail...

You may or may not recall that a few months back (read November...) I had my first GIVEAWAY! I was so exited to throw a giveaway and see what others thought about my handy work... I choose a winner of all the entries and a lovely fellow blogger Terry over at These Peas Taste Funny won! I was so excited to get started on her piece... However holding this giveaway in the first place was a huge mistake! I was in no way shape or from ready for a giveaway and I never should have held it.

I held the giveaway because I wanted to gain more followers, keep up with other bloggers and get more traffic... I know that this is what giveaways are about but that isn't why I started this blog... I also had many other things creating issues for me at that time... between moving and a newborn and the holiday season and just the stress of everyday life I got sidetracked and ended up never completing my end of the bargain, I finished the piece that the winner had chosen but I never sent it...

Fast forward to last week when I completed a new project and a bonus for her and mailed it off, I sent along a note not only apologizing but also thanking her... I felt horrible for not sending the item she had won but I also felt good in knowing that I had made it right, I had to thank her for teaching me something about myself.

I am a good person and a good blogger, I do NOT need to keep up with all the other bloggers out there, or start measuring myself by others standards. I started this blog to connect with others, to showcase what I made/make and to give me something to focus on and feel proud of (other than my kiddos...). I never thought that one person would read what I thought/wrote, look at what I had made or even be bothered to leave wonderful uplifting comments that made me feel like what I do, no matter how big or small mattered or brightened the day of someone else.

Holding this giveaway and not following through made me sick with stress and feelings of not being faithful to me and my goals as a person or as a blogger and I am glad that I could rectify the situation and make a mends with not only Terry but also with myself!

So here is what I made for Terry.

She said in an email she sent me yesterday after receiving her winnings "There is no way you could have known, but my office is green and the green in the pen on the Writers Write plaque goes perfectly." 
She is right... I had no idea I just kinda ran with the colors and ideas from her blog (shows you that designing your blog has more to do with your personality and your individuality than you thought...). I'm so glad that she likes the two signs I made for her and I hope that she get lots of use out of the book mark too! 

Finally I have to Thank You! To all of you who read this blog, comment on what I do or just plain lurk and have a look at what is new around here... It means a lot that you are here at all! I know that I will be thinking long and hard before my next giveaway, maybe they just aren't for me and I will be sure if I have another that the timing is right and that I am doing the giveaway for the right reasons... at least the right reasons for me!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh Emilee, what a beautiful soul you are. I'm so sorry that the giveaway stressed you out so much, but I am pretty thrilled at this end to have received such lovely pieces from you.

    I know that it is so easy to get caught up in watching the magic follower numbers grow and judging your worth based on it. I struggle with that myself every day. Some days I swear I am going to disable the count so I can't see it, but of course I have not yet done that. :)

    Here's to learning and caring and being the awesome beings that we are. This post couldn't have been easy to do, as it couldn't have been easy to send along those lovely plaques after the delay. So proud of you - you're just a lovely woman!

  2. Oh Terry was it ever hard to write... Your such a lovely lady and what a nice comment! Thank you again!


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