Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tell the Truth Thursday! The Only Thing I Like About Dora!

Ive never kept it a secret... I'm not Dora's biggest fan. It's an ok show and if your kids like it and you do too well that's great but at our house we don't watch Dora and have only one Dora DVD and the only reason we have that is because it was given to Delaney as a gift. Personally I find it to be too repetitive and too to tell the TRUTH annoying... But like I said that's my opinion.

However there is one thing that I am greatful that Delaney has learned from Dora. At the end of each show Dora asks what was your favorite part of the day... And after seeing this on tv and in the one DVD she does have Delaney has been asking us what our favorite part of the day was as we are tucking her into her bed at night...

She always asks us for more than one favorite thing... usually she asks for 5.

As much as I dislike Dora I do love this little snippet we have picked up from her... It gets us to stop and think about what we did during the day and pick out what made us happiest. It gives me a little more insight into Delaney as well... I get to hear straight from her adorable little mouth what sparked her thinking, what put a smile on her face, what made her happiest.

And as much as it is good for us to hear and participate in, I think its so fabulous to hear Delaney appreciate all the little things in her day, for her to be grateful for the things that make her happy and for her to see that its not the things you buy or the money you have its the people and the experiences that make your life rich!

What do you and your kids do to appreciate the little things? Do you have a little Dora watcher? Tell your TRUTH in the comments.

(Please keep in mind that this is just one Momma's opinion and I am in no way paid or compensated to share this opinion nor am I trying to put down the Dora brand or Nickelodeon.) 

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