Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Friday! A Little Beach Get Away!

One thing you likely don't know about me it that I love the ocean, I can't imagine not living by the sea and the fact that I can see the water from my home and my second home (at my mom's place in Bay Bulls NL) and for that matter my third home (Robyn's childhood home of Little Heart's Ease NL) makes me a little giddy...

To me the world make a little more sense when I'm by the waters edge looking out at the waves or even just the little ripples in the bay... I say a little more sense because after loosing my father In-law so suddenly last month the world seems a little more than off, a little more than wrong...

The photos I'm sharing today are from a quick trip to the beach we took the afternoon after his funeral and it just seemed that the sun was shining for him, the waves were rolling for him and to be honest it put me a little more at peace with everything.

Wild Iris
Sea Urchin
Sea Star dried on the rocks

I love that the beach offers so many things to capture in a photo its like a playground for nature....

Happy Friday Friends!

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