Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tell the Truth Thurday! Changes....

Ok just the tittle of this post scares me....

And also reminds me of this

Crazy I know...

Anyway the changes that I am talking about are mostly blog changes... things have changed so much in my life in the last 2 years... (yep I'm just shy of my 2nd blogging year!) Our family has been changed from career loss, moving, adding baby #2, losing a very special family member, and lets face it just growing as a person and as a Momma...

Things have changed so much and yet I have just let the blog sit here in my corner of the blog-o-sphere and rot... well OK rot is a bit strong... I have been neglecting the blog and I keep coming back and giving lame excuses as to why I haven't been blogging and well I seem to have come to a conclusion that I need this blog, I need this space for me and that I need to change it up a bit because well I keep losing interest and if I'm not interested well how can you be interested??

So from here on out I am going to change up how this whole blog is going to work I am not going to be forcing myself to post a recipe every single Monday I am not going to be forcing a photo every Friday and if I just want to sit here and type well... I'm gonna!

I have been feeling very forced lately and while I want to post I feel that the blog is limiting me to crafts and food and well I'm more than that just like all of you. I will be working on a new "schedule" if you will over the next week or two that will include a few features, a few kids activities, a few recipes, a craft or two and maybe even a book review/post here and there too! (yes I've been reading!)

So if you will please rejoin me as I start to blog again and get back to the ideas that started this little place I call mine!

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