Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Valentines craft of the year!

This week we started our valentines decorating, during which I realized that I don't have a wreath for the occasion. So after looking for some inspiration I figured that I would try something that my daughter Delaney and I could do together! Which means it lacks a little in the presentation, its a bit on the messy side and it was super simple to do! What can I say when crafting with a 2 year old you sometimes have to go for quick, easy and fun rather than pretty, time consuming and perfect...

Here is the finished product!

Here is what we used:
A cardboard box
Two plates one large (a dinner plate) and one smaller (a lunch or side plate would do)
One sheet of white computer paper torn into strips length wise
Variety of craft foam sheets
Glue stick
Hot glue gun and glue
Ribbon to hang the wreath with

To get started I waited till nap time! I did all my prep work in the 2 hours that Delaney was asleep so that I would be able to do the main cutting and gluing without having to explain ten times why mommy needs to do the cutting. To begin the mommy work I cut a wreath shape out of the bottom of a cardboard box using two different size plates as a template (the larger one for the outside of the wreath and a smaller one for the center) once I had it traced out I cut it with a utility knife, then for ease and cover up of the cardboard I simply glued strips of white printer paper around the wreath. You could also use colored construction paper or scrap-booking paper if you have Valentines day themed paper on hand. Then I cut heart shapes out of pink purple and white craft foam.

Once Delaney was awake and ready to craft I had her "help me" glue the hearts around the wreath. Then it was all up to her I gave her some sparkly Valentines day stickers purchased at the dollarstore, and she went to town adding them where she wanted with a little help from mommy to get the stickers off the sheet as she choose them and to help her make sure they were straight... when it was OK with her. After it was all done I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the wreath so we could hang it, of course this was a mommy job too!

In  the end we made a beautiful wreath in about 2 hours, including the mommy time and the mommy and Delaney time, and we had a lot of fun doing it! the best part I know have a wreath that we made together and I can display it for years to come!

You could of course jazz it up more with other shapes or embellishments like glitter or gems but when working with a 2 year old I find it easier keeping things a little on the cleaner side... because our other craft projects have looked a little more like this when we were finished...

Happy crafting and Happy Valentines day! 

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