Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow day scarf!

Yesterday was another snow day here in NL and since it looked like this outside my window....

I thought that  I would pull out some of the yarn that I picked up on my recent trip to the thrift store. I have been wanting to try out something new that I have heard of and seen lots of on If you haven't been over there you should defiantly stop by its got great tutorials and a great community of crafters that are very helpful if you have questions or if your a lurker like me you can search the community for previous posts that contain what your looking for. Its great for sparking those creative juices and getting the crafting started. The craft that I have been dying to try is a Rapunzel scarf. Its supper simple and super cute too!

I started as I said with my bunch of yarn I picked up at the thrift store, some of it was obviously left over from someone else's craft and some of it never used at all...

Then I just measured one piece of yarn against one of Delaney's scarfs to make my first one for her, once I cut the first piece I just measured the rest against it. I cut down about 25 to 30 pieces of various colors... you could use all the same color or complimentary colors. Then I tied a knot in one end and began to braid, once you start this make sure you have it as tight or as loose as you like it along the whole scarf.  Then once I reached the end of the scarf I tied another knot to finish it off.

This scarf turned out a bit short but Delaney loves it just the same! When it was done I trimmed off the end of the edges so it was all even. Which left me with a pile of trimmings that I couldn't bear to throw away so now I have to find something to do with... Any ideas are welcome, and much needed!

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