Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Friday

We had more snow this week... yes that's right more snow first week of spring and its snowing and blustery and there is a snow plow going up and down our street. and since a few weeks ago I posted a summer picture saying how much I missed the warmth and sun and summer or at least spring I thought that today I would post a winter picture or two in hopes that maybe old man winter will get this good bye note and take a hike!

These were taken last winter in Little Hearts Ease where my in-laws live... 
 I love this one of the snowy path to the look out... some one has put a picnic, a bench, and a sign out there indicating that it is "Jelly Bean Park". It's such a beautiful place no matter the season.
This is the Beautiful Delaney on Nana and Poppa's property She loves that she can just wander about and have a look around and have all that freedom! It's so beautiful to see her learning about the world...

OK Old Man Winter... I have just reveled in the beauty of what you do... so now take a hike!

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