Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday!

Well here we are another Thursday and another confession...

I'm scared.... a little everyday, maybe every moment, I'm scared. Mainly that I'm not doing the right thing, in that moment, that second of should we go with plan A or B should we jump in or wait it out.. no matter the decision no matter the issue I am always scared that I will make the wrong decision, do something wrong.  I am very indecisive.
This song plays over and over in my head all the time I try to make an informed decision and go with my gut but I always wonder if it was right or wrong, if maybe I had gone with the other option would things have turned out different, or better and now with the birth of a second baby on the horizon I wonder if I am making the right choice in having a repeat C-section, planing not to breast feed, planning to keep the baby in Delaney's room until we can move to a 3 bedroom before Christmas, everyday there are so many choices and so many chances to screw up...

I am a worry wart and an indecisive person and I wonder sometimes if that makes me a bad mom, or a bad wife or sister. Unfortunately its who I am and while I have gotten used to it I still wonder if other people think I'm crazy for stopping to consider or reconsider most things even if they are silly.

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