Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday! The Feed Me Stage!

Delaney is at an awful stage..  
The Feed Me Stage...

Its awful because she seems just too lazy, or disinterested to eat her food.
If you feed her, her meal she will eat till she bursts but if you leave her to it, she would sit there for a month of Sundays. 
I like to blame Nanny, (sorry if your reading this Mom) as she will feed Delaney any time she asks her to.. 
But in TRUTH as much as I know that this is just another stage in the life of a toddler I am a little worried that this is a little bit of a regression... and that when the baby comes she is going to regress even further and want to be a baby again. 
She is (and has been for the last year almost) very excited that she is a big girl and even when I call her my baby she says "No I'm a GIRL Momma!" but I still think that maybe just maybe I will have to deal with a new born and a 3 year old who is trying to get momma's attention and acting like a baby....

I am hoping that this will pass before the baby comes.

Has this happened with your toddlers? Is this just a stage? What do you think?

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