Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks for letting us vote!

It's election time again here in Canada! 
Feels like just 2 years ago I voted for the first time... Oh wait... it was! Our previous government was a minority one so when the Federal Budget was released in March and was defeated it caused us to have another election...

I am so proud to say...

It puts a smile on my face to know that while my vote may not be for the candidate that wins at least I can say that I voted! 
I had my say!

Plus I like giving my child a role model that she (and some day they) can look back and remember oh yeah Momma voted! She may not remember this year but I know that some day she will look back and say hey I remember when we were little and we would walk to the poling station and Momma would vote!

Today I told her we were going out to vote and she said "Oh Momma can I go to the voting store with you?" I corrected her of course and then she said "Lets go to the poling station"! She was a hit with everyone she met as usual! She introduced her self to the ladies running the registration table and shook hands with them and everything! (she even went as far as to ask one lady what her favorite color was!) and then as we were walking out after voting she said "Thanks for letting us vote!"

What a great way to put it... Thanks for letting us vote!

If your Canadian get out and vote! 
If your not make sure your vote counts where you are next time around!

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