Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Write and Wipe!

I have let things get away from me.... 
I swear we have a long weekend, the sun comes out and its so easy to get distracted...
I didn't even know that it was Tuesday until about an hour ago....

So here is a quick craft... one that I should have posted a while ago....

It's located in my Kitchen and it's honestly helped me eliminate a lot of paper lists and random sheets of paper in my house... (now that's not to say that our fridge isn't covered with papers and such we do have a toddler)

 I made this write and wipe the same way I made the "Notes" write and wipe I made for the desk organization project that I did a while ago....you can find that one here.

It's super easy and not time consuming at all. All you need is a frame (scored for $3 at the Sally Ann) some scrapbook paper and scrapbook letters.

I made this one with two colors rather than one.
(to divide "What we need" and "to do" AKA Honey do list!) 
I also changed the frame on this one I just used some glue to add some scrapbook paper to the frame to jazz it up a bit. (this one wasn't as nice as the one I used for "notes" one)

I wanted to make this one after seeing how great the "Notes" one turned out and I have seen some around the bloggy world done for menu planning (but we all know that menu planning isn't for me...)

I hope that it helps you reduce your paper lists and such in your kitchen!


  1. That is a really nice looking wipe off board! Definitely more attractive that the plain Staples one I have in m kitchen. Well done!

    I'm your newest follower! Popping over from Strictly Homemade!

  2. That is a great idea. Very earth friendly too.
    : )


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