Saturday, April 23, 2011

Desk Organizing Part 2!

As I mentioned before I have been trying to get our desk at least a little bit more organized.... and I took the first step by making my Desk Organizer seen here! So as another step forward I added two more pieces that I am hoping will aid in the de-cluttering of the desk!

I'm not sure if I've already started "nesting" or if it's more of a Spring cleaning venture but as someone who is very unorganized I'm running with it either way! 

So here they are my two new desk organizing pieces! 

First up is my Notes Write And Wipe Frame...

This project was made in all of 5 mins! 
It's super easy and very useful!
I took these two thrifty finds...

The frame ran me all of 99 cents and the scrapbooking book (which I had all but forgotten about) cost me 3! 
The best thing about this book is as you can see on the cover it came with 16 sheets of scrapbooking paper!

Aren't they pretty and such variety too.... the only draw back of these papers are that they aren't standard scrapbook size so I had no idea what to do with them for a long while... (hence them sitting on the shelf being forgotten about)

So once I had a look through the papers and chose one that I liked I took the glass out of the frame and traced around it on the paper so that it would fit perfectly, then I glued the letters N-O-T-E-S on to the paper with a trust old glue stick and popped it in the frame... 
I swear the longest and hardest part of this project was picking out the paper to put in the frame! 

Next is my Little Notes Bulletin Board...

This one took a bit more time and a lot more glue... 
For this one I needed a few things but they were all things I had lying around the house (I either picked them up because they were super cheap or they were left overs of other projects) 

Still a small stack of supplies if you ask me...  Just a hot glue gun, scissors, ribbon and some cork coasters (I used Hexagon and square shape ones but really you can use any shape as long as they fit tightly together)
This one was quick once I got going but to start I cut down my cardboard backing to the size I wanted, then I laid out my smaller hexagon shaped cork coasters in a pattern so that they covered the whole board, cutting and piecing together where need be to make sure the whole board was covered.

Then I hot glued them all in place, after that I placed my square coasters on top and hot glued them in to place as well. Once that was done I just hot glued some ribbon over the seams and the edge to clean it up and make it pretty. I glued a small piece of left over ribbon on the back for hanging and then it went up on the wall!

And here they both are in place at the desk...

And  they are getting well used already if I can say so my self! 
They have reduced a lot of the clutter on our desk making it much easier to find a place to set my tea mug down and I also have enough space to put my newly covered and revamped idea binder too! 
I just hope I can stay on this organizing kick... If I can I will have a whole house  a lot of work to do around here...

(Look for my binder post on Tuesday of next week! I am pretty proud of how it turned out!)

Have you done some Spring cleaning and re-organizing this week? Made anything fun and useful out of thrifty or (better yet) free materials? Leave a comment and some inspiration!


  1. Cute projects! Everything on my desk is so basic, just plain old 3 ring binders but they get the job done I guess :)

  2. I love all the organizing things!!! I need to definitely do some of these!!!



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