Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy Christmas Gift tags...

I made these and intended to post them last week but since that didn't happen here we are ready to post today! 

I really like gift tags, and while I know that you can buy a book of the sticky ones at the dollar store around the holidays I rather the look of homemade, unique ones that don't look just like the ones everyone else puts on their gifts. 

So I made these for this year!
They were super simple and I had everything on hand, but you can get it all at the dollar store!

Here is what I used
Printable mailing labels, white glue, glitter glue, and foam shapes... I used snowflakes but I'm sure you could find snowmen, or trees or anything else!
I got them all for other projects so really I already got my money out of them but I'm sure this project wouldn't run you more than a few dollars.

To make them I just put a small dab of white glue on the back of the foam snowflakes and stuck them on the label off to the side leaving space enough to write the name of the sender and recipient. (you could jazz these up with the glitter glue too)

I also did some with just the glitter glue, I just made a pattern with the glue and let them dry, because the glue top is so thin I just used it like a marker or pen... 
 Just starting my glitter snowmen!
Finished sheet waiting to dry!

These can also be done by kids to (if you give them supplies that are appropriate) I'm thinking I may give Delaney a sheet of labels and some metallic markers to make some of her own... 
Super quick kid craft!

These are also great because you aren't stuck with loads more tags than you need and if you need more than you make the first time around they are super quick and easy to make up more!

Do you make your own gift tags? If you'd like to share an idea or two leave it in the comments I'd love to have a few more to make for this year!


  1. Fun idea! Well have snowflake stickers in our shop. You should check them out!


  2. love them so super cute and frugal

  3. I like home made too. What a cute, easy idea.

    I'm your newest follower.


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