Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tell the Truth Thursday! I get mesmerized...

I get so mesmerized sometimes.... by my belly...
Sounds silly I have done this before, I have seen it all and I have felt it all but I get so caught up in the movements in my belly that I miss whole conversations, Robyn can usually find me sitting on the couch with my shirt up belly out watching little baby Max doing flips or hiccuping...
I don't know what it is about watching my belly that distracts me so much.
Maybe its the fact that it makes everything so real, you know, there is a conscious living, growing person in there. Maybe its that I get to feel all of this but I don't really always know what hes doing, the mystery of "I think that's a leg or maybe a hand but what is he doing". Maybe its the fact that this may be my last chance to experience this, we may not have anymore kids I may never get to experience pregnancy again so why not get caught up in the moments and the movements.
Or maybe just maybe its realizing that although I'm very uncomfortable in the heat and humidity, and I hate having to waddle, and I am going kinda stir crazy "taking it easy" and staying at home all the time, that I am so blessed to be able to have another baby. We have been blessed with another baby to love, cherish, spoil, teach, and watch grow into a  toddler, a child and someday a man.

What mesmerizes you? Your kids? Your life? Your Hubby (mine does sometimes... and not always in a good way... but that's another post...) Share your TRUTH in the comments!

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