Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tell The Truth Thursday! Things that make me go hmmmmm....

I really don't get some people....

I deleted a few people off of my Facebook recently because I hadn't talked to them in a while or they aren't really my friends and why would I let them in on the things I do day to day or how my life is going if I don't know you or like you or if frankly I don't want to... 

So whats hard for me to understand is if you notice that I have removed you from my Facebook why would you go back and request me as your friend over and over and never even attempt to to contact me and say "Hey there how are you?"

This tells me that you don't really want to keep in contact with me you are either 1) one of those people who values them selves on how many friends you have and your just using me to keep "numbers" up there and you will never talk to me. or 2) your just nosy and you want to see me or my kids pictures or find out what we have or are doing and you will never talk to me.

If someone removes me from Facebook I'm not going to get all beat up about it, its an online community, not my real life. I know that it is a great way to reconnect (it's actually how I reconnected with my best friend after about a year or two apart) however I don't necessarily want to reconnect with every single person I have ever met, been introduced to, or went to school with.

How do you feel about Facebook? Do you keep it just for real friends or do you add everyone you know?

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