Monday, August 15, 2011

My Momma is crafty too!

My Mom, and my Sister for that matter, are very crafty ladies, plus my Mom's Mom was a crafty woman too! So I am technically I am a 3rd generation crafty Momma!

My Mom has made some great things and she makes a lot of our Christmas gifts too I guess that's why I enjoy making and giving handmade items, as well as receiving them! I know how hard she works on them and I know that she puts a little extra love in our gifts!
These are a few of the things she made for us last year!

 She made this great dolly diaper bag for Delaney last year! 
(Delaney uses it to carry her babies around the house... not the dolls accessories or bottles or such the actual dolls... its too funny!)

She also made "Mommy and Delaney" aprons last year and put our names on them with iron on transfers!

She also makes really rad quilts! She has a great eye for colors and fabrics... 
I am so far the only one in our family not to receive a quilt... 
hint hint HINT!!!!!

So being a crafty, quilting Momma I asked her a while ago if she could make a seat cover for our car seat, it only has one year left before it expires but I wanted to update it and make it a little nicer looking. It was a blue jean kind of color but also had a kind of pink patchwork part on the original. So I brought her some great material and asked her to make a new seat cover.....

I was shocked when she sent me these pictures when she finished it the other night!
Have a look at her handy work!

Pretty cool hey! (that cars fabric is everywhere lately isn't it... lol)

She just sewed the new fabric directly to the old cover, as I said it will be expired in a year so we wont be using it for any other babies (if we have them that is...). I love it I think it turned out great looks super masculine and Delaney loves Cars so I think it will be a hit with her too!
Thanks for all your hard work Momma!

Have you updated an old baby item to reuse with a new baby or given a baby item a little facelift to make it more gender appropriate? I'd love to hear about or see your baby projects! You never know you might just get a little feature here...

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