Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Delaney's 3rd Birthday Strawberry Shortcake Style!

We recently celebrated this little girls Big 3rd Birthday Strawberry Shortcake Style!

We had a lot of fun but unfortunately I don't have many photos of it or of what we did for it... there were lots of pictures taken and in fact all of these are from my sister, my mom or Robyn's mom... I never take any photos at Delaney's parties, I am usually too busy and I really should try as I find no one really takes pictures of the things that I would, for example the decorations, the food, the activities.... you know everything that you would want to show off on your blog... (oh right barely anyone I know knows that I have a blog so why would they... oops)

So here is how it went... 
(Keep in mind that I am not posting all the photos taken as I don't want to post photos of family and friends without there knowledge)

Friend's of ours own a bouncy castle so we borrowed it for the afternoon and it was a big Big BIG hit! I recommend it for every kids party!

And of course we had presents! 
She was spoiled with lots of fun new Strawberry Shortcake and Princess toys, and games.
One of her favorite gifts was this one... She got a brand new Princess Tiana (from the princess and the frog) dress up outfit straight from Disney! The ensemble came with the dress, tiara, gloves and purse... She loves it! My best friend and her new hubby had just visited Disney as part of their honeymoon and picked this up from the bibbidi bobbidi boutique as her gift from all of our friends!
And how can you have a Strawberry Shortcake party with out a Strawberry Shortcake Cake! 
I made her cake (as I always do) using my pound cake recipe found here and my butter cream icing recipe found here! To make it Strawberry Shortcake theme I just iced the cake in green 'grass' made a brown sugar 'path' and placed a Strawberry Shortcake doll (that came in a happy meal) on the path... So easy which I needed while taking care of a 3 year old and a new born!
Personally while I love the look of fondant I don't enjoy it on a child birthday cake... to me its just too much and they don't eat it anyway...
As you can see she loved it! 

Unfortunately I would have liked to have a more elaborate DIY party but due to my "taking it easy" before Max made his arrival, and the fact that I had a C-section just 2 weeks before her party I had to cut down on some of the things I planned.

For decorations we kept is simple with pink and green balloons, pink and white streamers and a generic Happy Birthday sign (all of which I picked up at the dollar store) as much as I wanted to make her birthday sign it just didn't happen this year... Robyn's mom picked up some Strawberry Shortcake plates and cups and such for the kids and for the grown ups I just picked up plain pink forks and knives and plates...

One semi creative thing I did do was to print out some of these coloring pages and use them as signs to indicate where the party was (again I don't have a picture) I printed them on pink paper and used green painters tape to put them up on the fence and windows... I also printed some of the coloring sheets and set up a coloring table for the kiddos...
If your hosting a Strawberry Shortcake party this is a great place to start... they have lots of activities and also party hats you can put together as well as invitations that you can print too!

Have you had a Strawberry Shortcake party recently? are you planning one soon? I'd love to hear all about them if you have!


  1. I love the cake! It's so cute! She looks like she had a blast at her birthday party.

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