Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tell The Truth Thursday! I love my jammies....

I have a sick obsession with my pajamas I wear them a lot...and by a lot I mean I only get dressed if I am going out. Yep right now I'm wearing pajamas that have little cocktails all over them...

If I know that I am not leaving the house on a particular day I don't put on real clothes... not even sweat pants. I lounge in my jammies all day long, and if I do get dressed to go out or to have visitors as soon as I am home again or when the visitors leave I slip back into my comfy jammies. (you know because I don't believe in the pajamafication of our world... to me there is something a little wrong about wearing your jammies in public... but that is a whole other post.)

All of this wouldn't be so bad but you see I now have two kids.... When I was single or even when I had no kids it didn't matter what I wore around the house, I could have gone naked all the time (not that I did...) and who would care.  However now that I have two kids they look to me for their example... and Momma is making it OK to wear your jammies all day. I let my kids wear their jammies all day if we aren't going out, and that wouldn't be so bad every now and again right... but we only go out a few days a week... so about 4 days out of 7 we are in our jammies all day... 

Part of me says who cares it is clothes and it's still covering them up, they are warm, they are comfortable, they are happy (and that is what matters to me). But then that other part of me, you know the Momma part that feels guilty about almost everything... she knows that I am teaching them things that they will carry on through their lives, things that will shape them into the people they will be, and that part wonders if wearing your jammies all day is a good habit, is it productive, does it tell them that we are lazy, or that we don't work hard enough?

So my confession today is that we are all (yup the four of us) wearing our jammies all day and we do most days! 

Do you hang out in your jammies or do you get up and get dressed every single day no matter what you are doing?


  1. I only get dressed when I have to! Although starting on the 19th I will have to get dressed Monday thru Friday because I start a new job. I am happy but I will miss my "lounge wear". Yes I bought pants just for lounging in so I was not in "PJs" all day. :)

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