Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Friday! One of the Joys of being a Momma!

I love being a Momma for so many reasons! 
(too many to share)

But one of the best reasons is because I get to be a kid still again!
Kind of a silly reason... and I might be the only Momma who will openly admit that to the world. I may also be the only Momma in the world who recomends people buy Playdough for her child... and this is why. 

Cause it's so darn fun for me too!!

Happy Friday! 
Hope you have some fun with your kiddos this weekend too!


  1. I used to feel that way when I took the kids sledding in the winter because I always hopped on the sled and went cruising down the hill with them. Just like being a kid again!

  2. So cute, lol! I see all of the kid projects posted on people's blogs and I want to do the projects myself! My lil guy is 13 now, so most of them he's not really interested in.

    I'm smiling because your play dough food looks so cool, right down to the fries, lol!


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