Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Highlights! COSTUMES!

So as I have mentioned over the last few days I want to share my Halloween ideas from this year and from past years and I am going to share them right up until Monday to give any stragglers a few ideas!

I love dressing up for Halloween!
Its so much fun pretending and wearing a fun costume!
(I'm not one for the scary costumes)

So here are a few of the costumes that we have done over the last few years!

Delaney's First Halloween she had two costumes...
 We had this store bought banana costume, I got it the previous year for $2 on clearance! It was a bit too small though so she wore it for the day and  for the evening...
I turned her into Winnie the pooh....
I just put her into a pair of Yellow Sleepers, yellow scratch mitts, a Winnie the Pooh hat and I cut down a red diaper shirt. Super easy and I had it all on hand!
and here we are with her! You can't really see in this picture but I was a lady bug, I made my costume by sewing a red t-shirt in a circle, adding red ribbon straps, and spots from a black t-shirt. I did it in one hour or so on my sewing machine, and Robyn was the GRILL SERGEANT!  He picked up this t-shirt at wal-mart I think and wore camouflage pants, he then clipped BBQ  tools like a spatula and a pair of thongs to his belt.

For Delaney's second Halloween I had just started working a new job and didn't have the time to make a costume (I know it's no excuse...)
But she was the cutest monkey I ever saw! (there are no pictures of us on Halloween because we didn't really dress up... I wore a red sweater and devil ears... it was sad!)

Last year was another store bought costume for Delaney
She was Minnie Mouse and she LOVED it!
Daddy dressed as a biker, Mohawk and all... his costume was jeans, a t-shirt from the Sturgis motorcycle show and a bandana (that he didn't wear...) and I was a sheriff, Jeans a black shirt, and a sheriff star which was also part of my night time costume for a party I help Best Friend throw...
Hubby was a Jail bird and I was a cop!
I semi-made my costume...
I took an old powder blue suit owned by my step-dad (from back when powder blue suits were cool) and adjusted the vest to fit (sadly the pants fit like a glove... ) I made some other changes fun when I altered it to! I sewed a collar and darts in the front so that it had a fitted look. 

What are you dressing as this year? Do you have a favorite costume from a past year? Share them in the comments!


  1. what super cute halloween photos come see me at new follower

  2. I love the banana costume! We had the hardest time this year deciding what we wanted to be. The fiance REALLY wanted all of us to have a theme together so the little one is going to be a monkey, the fiance is going to be the daddy monkey (or a gorilla, in this case) and I'm going to be a zookeeper. Last year we were all Where's Waldo.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog from the Restless Blog Hop, I'm following you back!

  3. ahhh so cute!! my girls are going as a fairy and a ballerina.

    New follower from the blog hop!


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