Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween highlights! Halloween Party!

Last year I planned and help host a Halloween party with Best Friend!
We had so much fun, baking and decorating and getting all dressed up and of course I forgot to take pictures... so what your seeing here are her pictures... 
Yep here is our Halloween party as stolen from Best Friend!

 all the food ready to go!
 Some of our decorations! 
We added spider webs to everything, and I framed up pictures of skeletons to mix in with the regular pictures on display.
 I got the table cloth at the Dollarstore (knowing it would likely get ruined)
 I made these labels for each of the items on the table, like "Mummy's shortbread" for the cookies, "Vampire Vomit" for the cheese dip "Bat Bites" for for the chocolate cupcakes and "Zombie Brains" for the chip dip
 for the sides of the glass bowls we mixed red food coloring and light corn syrup and then drizzled it down the outsides of the bowls to make it look like blood dripping down them!
Not to mention their great pumpkin... Best Friends Hubby (then fiance) carved it with the Auto-bots symbol from the Transformers... needless to say it was the talk of the party! (yep were all nerds)

Do you host a Halloween party? What are your favorite things to do and make for your party? I'd love some new ideas for this year if you'd like to share in the comments!

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