Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Hijinks!

Well this is how our weekend leading up to Halloween started....
An awesome party at Best friends house!

I was an Artist... (shirt with paint on it and paint brushes in my hair...)
Dr. Daddy! (scrubs bought at the Sally Ann)
We were out till 1:30 am and had a blast! 
Chatted and danced and just enjoyed being kid free for a night out with all of our friends!

Then it took a turn for the worst...
Delaney and Max had stayed at Nanny's house for Friday night so that Momma and Daddy could go to the party, and apparently at 3 am Delaney woke up screaming that she had to go potty... turns out (TMI) she had diarrhea... not fun for Nanny and Auntie to deal with but she seemed fine and went back to bed. fast forward to Monday after a weekend filled with more diarrhea and vomiting (for the first time EVER) she seemed to be feeling a bit better and DEMANDED to go trick or treating! 

On a side note trying to explain to a three year old what throwing up is and why it happens is heart breaking... especially when she says "but I don't want to throw up" with her sick voice and a pale face.

So our Monday started out looking like this!
Our cutie trick or treaters!
Strawberry! She's Berry Sweet!

Captain Kirk! Trick or treating where no 2 month old has gone before!
Super cute right! (I might be bias but I think they are adorable!)

And our Halloween ended at the ER after Delaney vomited 6 times in one day!
We were told she had the stomach flu and just ride it out with Gatorade.

So after a full day yesterday of resting and only throwing up 2 times were all feeling a bit more at ease and a bit better too! So our Halloween Trick or Treating got postponed and we will be having Halloween Take 2 tomorrow with our friends and family...

Hope your Halloween didn't end up like ours!

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  1. Very cute photos, for what it's worth. I'm really sorry you had such an eventful holiday.

    I am awarding you the Liebster Award for up and coming blogs--you can learn more about it here:


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