Monday, January 16, 2012

Make it Monday! Garlic Twist Bread!

When we had spaghetti for supper when we were kids my mom would always put a bit of butter, garlic salt and cheese on a few slices of bread and pop it in the oven to warm while the sauce cooked... the result a toasty warm cheesy piece of garlic bread to enjoy with your pasta!

I loved it and I have done it in the past as well to kind of feel like a kid again or just to feel like I was still home with mom... 

But this past week I wanted to try something a bit different!
I have had garlic twist bread at restaurants and I have seen recipes online and even in cook books and I have always like it of at least the idea of it so while my spaghetti sauce was simmering away I gave it a try! 
With my own Momma Made it spin of course!
I made it easy first of all!
I started with a package of pre-mixed Pizza dough... Just add water and away you go! (you could however if you were so inclined make your own dough... )
Then I let it rise a little and when it was ready I rolled it out as you would for a pizza!
I then brushed it with about a tablespoon of melted butter, grated a clove of garlic or two over that and finally grated some parmigiano cheese over it as well! 
 Then I cut it into strips
 Then rolled it over its self! 
 Popped it into a 350 oven and away we went about 15 minutes later with garlic twist bread as a side!
(they kinda look like ribs.... he-he a good Halloween project/snack too!)

It was simple and easy and Delaney even helped me out with it... and not just the eating part! 
I would make this any night to go with pizza or pasta or even salad! And It only takes about 20 minutes prep (including letting it rise) and 15 minutes to bake so really you could even make it on a school night or a work night!
Hope you enjoy it!

Do you have an update to an old recipe that your parents used to make? Or just one that you loved but have put a new spin on? Share a link or two in the comments I'd love to see and try a few new updates to old favorites!

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