Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Typically I love snow!

I love the look of a new fallen snow and I love the individuality of each flake...

I hate snow when it has over stayed its welcome, when it gets dirty and grungy from the salt and dirt on the roads and I hate it when it all the snow is melted and you think spring is right around the corner and then you get hit with another storm! But I REALLY hate it when you are out walking and you step off the sidewalk onto the street thinking that you are about to step onto ice and then you are in slushy snow up to your ankles! 


But since its still early in the season and since I am still infatuated with the snow I thought I would share with you these beautiful crochet snowflakes! 

 They are from Lucy over at  Attic24!  

I made a whole bunch of these snowflakes over Christmas and they were such a big hit! Not only for gifts but they were big at our house too (meaning I loved them and am in the process of making a bunch for our tree next year.) They take so little time and turn out beautiful every single time! I made them with both white and blue yarns and with different weights as well and honestly they were all amazing! I love the look of them in both the blues and whites and I even did some in shimmer yarn and they were the ones that I gave out to most people because they were just so nice!

Have a look at mine!

For Lucy's pattern from attic 24 click here 

Happy Crocheting!

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