Monday, February 27, 2012

It's the End of February... Decision Time!

As some may know... that is if you have been following my nothingness over the past while (not that I blame anyone who hasn't been keeping up with my break from blogging or my lame not blogging or caring about blogging before that) I have been on a break from blogging and I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to do about or with this little old blog of mine....

Keep it? Kill it? Keep it? Kill it?

And the winner is?.?.?


I owe it to myself and to those who read what I write, look at the crafts that I make, leave comments and make me feel so great about what I do to pick myself up dust myself off and give this all I have. Not just all I have but all its worth, and give out some blog love to those who share love with me!

I started to blog for the fun of it... for the excitement of it... not to keep up with the other mommy bloggers, or the craft bloggers but because I needed to know that there were other like minded people out there in the world that I could connect with. Even if it is just through a comment or reading an "about me" page and hitting follow because I thought this lady is cool, I could totally be friends with her! (You know if we lived in the same country or even the same town, and some real things in common, met face to face and she didn't think that I was stalking her to see what she was doing everyday...)

Long story short... I love blogging and I love being a momma and I am going to do what I tell my kids to do.... TRY MY BEST to be all of the things that I am because the truth of the matter is I'm happier when  my life is busy full and there is enough space for me to be a momma and to be me!

Plus you never know who you might reach or how until you put yourself out there and offer what you have to give or what you know! I have been the semi-crazed mom out there looking for someone to talk to or listen to, to help find me.

So look for new posts, new projects, and new themes as well as a new look very soon!


  1. Good for you sister! And if you ever need a guest post or two ... I'd be happy to give you my ideas!

  2. I'm glad you decided to keep blogging. Look forward to receiving future emails. :)


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