Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tell The Truth Thursday! I'm A Mover!

If you have kids you probably watch their shows with them.... Listen to kids music with them.... and take them to concerts they like right...

Well I have a confession about one of Delaney's Favorite shows....

I love the Movers too!

I have a thing for the Imagination Movers!
There is just something about Rich, Scott, Smitty and Dave that I can't get enough of! I must say that I do enjoy the guest appearances too!
Their music ranges from the sounds of 80's funk to rock to semi-rap and I LOVE IT! It is (besides some indie rock) our dance party music of choice! Have a listen/watch below and you'll get a glimpse as to why... that is if your not already a Mover fan!

Its much easier to listen to kids music when it sounds like this!
Its much more fun than mini pops and for sure its safer for kids to listen to...
I hate turning on the radio to hear things that I think my 3 year old should never hear.... every second word is shut up, I hate... or "sexy and I know it"
I know that this music is everywhere and its fine music... for adults.
I just want to keep my 3 year old 3 as long as I can I guess... and not having to listen to boring farm animal songs makes that easier and if listening to the movers means we can keep her young and innocent  and keep everyone happy...  I'm game!


  1. Amen, sister. I agree with every word.

  2. Thanks! It's hard sometimes explaining to friends and sometimes other mom's why we don't listen to mainstream radio around the kiddos! Glad to have some support!


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