Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tell The Truth Thursday! Disney World Mom Guilt!

Last week friends of ours and their daughter (the little girl I sit for) left for vacation... to Florida...

It was a surprise for her so nothing was said as to where she was going until she was already left for her vacation and she was headed to the land of Mickey and Minnie! Later Delaney asked me when she was coming back to play I explained that she was on vacation and she would be back in a few weeks. Delaney asked where did she go on vacation? I didn't want to lie to her and knowing that when she returns from her adventure her friend is going to want to share her stories and tell us all about meeting Mickey and Minnie and all the princesses! And why shouldn't she... as a small child (even as a grown up) it's an adventure and certainly something to remember and share!

So I let Delaney in on the secret... "She is gone to Florida... she is gone to meet Mickey Mouse in Disney Land!" and while I am confident that I am a good Momma, I am confident that even though I didn't go to Disney as a child I'm perfectly ok... I knew what was coming....

She looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes and sighed loudly and said "I'd like to go meet Mickey Mouse you know..."

And my heart broke into a million pieces I kinda fell apart inside... I wish that I could make everyone of her wishes come true and give her whatever her little heart desires... but I guess that is what it means to be a Momma... wishing that you could give your kiddos everything and anything and dealing with the guilt of not being able to give it to them if you can't.

All I could say to her was "Maybe some day..."

And TRUTH be told she never mentioned it again and hasn't even said that she would like to go on vacation, so I know its not going to ruin her life that Momma and Daddy can't take her to Mickey Mouse or that her vacation this year might just be a camping trip or a long visit to Nana and Poppa's house. But in the back of my mind I keep hearing that small voice say "I'd Like to meet Mickey Mouse you know..."

What is your Momma guilt Truth this week? Do you find it hard not to give your kiddos everything that they want?

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