Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Working Out Wednesday! The Best Kept Weight loss Secret!

As you may or may not know I am/was a certified Personal Trainer, I worked with female only clients in a big name gym here in Canada for almost 2 years before moving to the business/customer service side of the company.  I still have all my knowledge of course... (Insert in your own singing voice because my is certainly not the one you want to hear.... they can't take that away from meeeeee... ) So I thought that I would share some of my knowledge here as I am sure that many of you are just as diverse as I am and are not just looking for recipes, crafts and things to do with your kids and families. So here starts a new theme....

So as of late I have been working out with and training my girlfriends, we meet at least 3 times a week. Recently one of those friends posted on Facebook that she has lost X amount of weight and was feeling fabulous, as one of her friends and one of her many motivators I wrote a big congrats and that she was awesome! About an hour later another of her friends wrote back... I'm going south soon I need your secrets. (p.s. I hate that every time you comment on a persons status it tells you that so and so commented too like I needed to know that those 12 other people who I don't know posted as well....)  When I read this all I thought and all I wanted to post back was....

HERE IS THE SECRET... Its the best kept fitness and weight loss secret out there...
Eat right and exercise regularly!

Sure its out there but really no one pays any attention to this solution because it takes time, you have to work at this solution and you have to want it bad enough that you will stick to it... Sure the whole world wants to loose some weight or get more toned or try to get healthier but if you don't want to put in the work you aren't going to see the results...

I wish that I could tell you that there was a magic pill that will help you lose weight and become healthy and thin by tomorrow but it just doesn't exist... Sure there are plenty of fad diets and loads of at home plans and even more quick fixes that claim to be the cure and they may have some results but long term they aren't good for you, they don't last and they aren't worth the money!

With that said here are my recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.
(before you change your lifestyle or start a workout plan consult your doctor to be sure they approve.)

Eat a balanced diet that includes eating sweets, meats, fruits, veggies, and starch. Don't deny yourself one food or another. Be smart and limit your portions of the foods you know aren't the best for you. When you deny yourself foods that you want like chocolate you are making yourself more likely to fail and give up on your goals and yourself.

Exercise... even just a few times a week to start, and when start to get your endurance up increase your workouts or just extend them. Walking, running, or the cross trainer for cardiovascular training and some simple strength training are all you need and you can do them at home... Although I find that it is more motivating to work out in the gym because you know A) that you are paying for the membership so why let it waste and B) you have a place to go without distractions that is ready, prepared and fully stocked with everything you might need for your workout!

There you have it very wordy, very long winded but simple enough workout and eat right.
Next Wednesday look for another great workout tip!

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