Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working Out Wednesday! Its All About Balance!

It's another Working out Wednesday!

I was going to post a muscle move today but... I thought that I would share just one more tasty information nugget before I jump head long into muscle moves...

It's all about balance!
Sounds easy right, workout  and get thinner, healthier, and more energetic... Yes and No.

When working out not only with clients but also doing my own workouts I have always found that people have that one favorite thing to do, that one target area that they want to see results with ASAP, that one element of their workout  that they could do all day if it was the only exercise that they ever had to do...

For me its legs!
I could do lunges and squats and leg presses until my legs fell apart.
I could walk to the ends of the earth if that was the only cardio that I had to do...
I hate doing cardiovascular workouts. (I did discover a love of running recently though.) I have never liked the bike or the cross trainer or really any part of just doing cardio and so I do it less than I do my strength training workouts.

However it is sooo important to make sure that your workout is a stable balance... and to be sure you have a stable balance follow these 3 simple workout rules!

Balance between your cardio and strength workouts! Ensuring this will give you a well rounded workout that will help you not only lose weight but make you look leaner as you strengthen and build your muscles. To do this try to get at least 30 minutes of cardio (if not more) as well as doing a 30 minute strength training workout every time you have a workout.

(Extra trainer tip! having more muscle mass will help you burn more calories even when you aren't working out.... like when your sitting at home watching your favorite shows!)

Balance your strength training workouts! It is so important to maintain balance when it comes to your strength training workout its self because training one area or just working on one body part will leave you with for example over trained biceps and too weak triceps... it looks funny, feels funny and can lead to injury! I know that I love to work my legs so for me I make that almost a reward... I train that area last so that my workout ends on a good, fun note or I train that area at the end of the week when I am trying to relieve stress...  I know most mommas (including myself!) want to trim around the waist but the best way to do that is to train your whole body so that you will see full body results including your tummy!

Finally Balance your workouts with at least 2 days OFF! Your body needs rest, and the best way to do that is to take 2 days off... Its hard work for your body to keep working all day to keep your body going plus to workout and on top of that repair the tiny rips in your muscles caused by strength training and build more muscle to make you stronger (which is what happens after you do a workout.)
So let your body have a day off!!!

So make a plan to start training with balance and get more balance in your everyday!

Check back next Wednesday for an awesome Butt Buster Muscle Move you can do at home at work or at the gym!

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