Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Friday! A Little Something for Momma!

I have mentioned before that my Momma and my sister are both very crafty people as well and I have to say it comes in handy that my Momma quilts and sews and my sister is an artist, she paints and draws as well she does embroidery and has a great eye for color, and photos... our crafts compliment each other well I must say!

So when I showed her a super cool ring I saw on Pinterest my sister said "I can make that!"
And then about 25 mintues later she showed me this!
I love my knitting ring!

It's so great to have a crafty family! 
Are you part of a crafting family or are you alone in your crafty endeavors?


  1. How unique and creative!
    Love it!


  2. How fun! I have so many neat things pinned now just to sit and do it! :) Found you thru the hop! Looking forward to following you!

  3. thats awesome!
    she should start a business!


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