Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mothers Day Kid Craft! Hand Print Garden!

Excuse me for a moment....

HEY! Mom and Mom in-law, yes you...
Avert your eyes, look away, stop reading!
Seriously STOP NOW!

Now on to the post!

Have you ever played around with those fingerprint art kits with your kids??
Delaney got this super cute one as a gift from my sister when she returned from vacation. We had lots of fun with it and it inspired me to make something similar with Delaney for her Mothers Day cards for her Nanny and her Nana!

It was super simple and you can make one too!
All you need is paint, paper, a pen or sharpie and your kid!


To start I wrote our greeting on the bottom of our paper and got Delaney (who is getting better and better at tracing her name all of the time) to trace it over for her Nanny and her Nana but this is optional of course if your kids can do that them selves or if they are too young for that just yet.

Then use a paint brush and paint green color paint on your child's hands (yes you do need to paint it on with a brush, it keeps the paint from blobing up and becoming a mess plus you can still see the ridges of their little finger prints and all the lines in their hands!) then get them to place their hand or hands on the paper. Then clean their hands... and paint just one finger any color they like for flowers... Delaney loves PINK so thats what we went with and then put a few finger prints above and on each finger of the hand, clean the fingers again and paint just one with yellow, clean again and paint one finger purple and make two finger prints right next to each other. then with a sharpie or other pen draw wings and lines on your bumble bees! Then add a body and antenna to your butterfly!

AND there you have a hand print garden!

Do you like to make homemade cards for your family for holidays? I love it and I know that these beauties will be cherished by Delaney's Nana and Nanny!

Happy Early Mother's Day!

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  1. Oooh, I love it!! I would love to invite you to share at my link party for Mother's Day gifts at http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/2012/05/mothers-day-gifts.html. Thank you!!

  2. I love little hand prints, I still have several that my children gave me when they were very small. Such treasures. Just hopping over from These Peas Taste Funny and am following you. And wishing to invite you to link up this precious post to my first ever blog hop:)

  3. I always make homemade cards for holidays. These are so cute I think we will have to try them soon. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.


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